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Want to be a great footballer? Know what the fundamentals of being an advanced footballer are? The following article details out all of the important skills needed to become very good at the game of football. Adhering to the following points will certainly help you better your game overtime.

  • The first and foremost rule to be a very good football player is to play as much as possible. Play with your friends, your local clubs, and other people. It will help you think through your entire gameplay and thus will also help you improve your overall strategy and perspective of playing the game. Compete at all events whether local or national; competing or at least playing for participation will also help you learn a lot from other players and your team mates. It is very important to play with others as it is the only way to share skills, techniques, strategies and methods to play the game better. If you are stuck on watching videos and watching TV then your game will not improve as much as you think.
  • Choose your pace of play. Don’t go after what other people are doing. This rule is true for football as much as it for any other task in life. We often tend to watch someone play and then try to replicate their style and speed of play instantly. We do not for even a second think that our speed is different from that of anyone else’s speed.
  • Train your non-dominant foot too. You will rarely see a footballer whose non-dominant foot is inactive. To become a truly great footballer you have to have both your feet working equally well. The greatest players don’t depend on one foot. Hence training your non-dominant foot becomes all the more important. Training your non-dominant foot will enable you to take any shot at any time or perhaps help you score when your other foot angle is compromise. Always remember that a footballer who is good at both feet is very powerful threat to the opposition at all times.
  • Defence techniques are mandatory. When you are learning how to play football you have to understand that it is not only about being able to shoot the ball to the target but rather to defend the ball when you have it. A skilled footballer is one who can avoid their opposition from grabbing the ball off their foot. Learn to play with various tricks and techniques associated with putting up a strong defence against your opponents. A good defence skill mastered will ensure the completeness of the football training as well. Until then you are not a complete professional footballer.

Apart from all the tips and tricks mentioned above, one needs to master dribbling, tackling and also the various other shots that we typically see during a professional football match. Being a great footballer isn’t merely about dressing up and kicking the ball around but is more about how well you control the ball when you have it. Ask your friends who are better than you to help you learn more. Take help from your mentors and your coaches as well. Practice as much as you can until you have mastered all of the necessary skills required to be a great footballer.



Playtech Casino Bonus Types

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It is always worth knowing just what types of bonus you are going to be offered when playing at any online or mobile casino site. With that in mind we will now give you an insight into the type of bonuses that you will find being offered to you at Playtech software powered online and mobile casinos.

You should always be aware however that the actual terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus can and do vary depending at just which Playtech casinos site you have chosen to play at.

So when you come across any such casino site offering you any form of bonus you should spend as much time as is required going through each and every term and condition attached to those bonuses so you understand what is expected of you when playing with bonus credits!  We found a good list of bonuses here.

Playtech Casino Bonuses for Slot Players

Let us now guide you through every single type of bonus you will find on offer at Playtech casino sites, the following bonuses are usually on offer to slot players only, however you may find a few casinos offering you additional bonus types if you prefer playing for example card and table games or video poker games.

No Deposit Bonus – A no deposit bonus is usually offered to new players signing up to a casino for the very first time. However, as these bonuses cost you nothing and come from the casino operators own pockets you will usually find they are only small in size and will always come with lots of rules and terms and conditions!

Deposit Match Bonus – The most sought after Playtech casino slot game bonuses are deposit match bonuses. These bonuses will see you often being able to double or even triple the value of your deposit.

It all depends on just which casino you are playing at as to the size and frequency at which you will be offered the types of bonuses, but being able to claim 100% or higher deposit match bonuses will certainly give all slot players lots of additional playing credits to hit the slot games with!

Deposit Type Bonus – Many Playtech casino sites will also give you a bonus of around 5 to 10 percent of your deposited amount when you make a deposit using one of their preferred banking methods.

Not all Playtech powered sites offer such a bonus, however if you do enjoy getting a small amount of additional credits every time you make a deposit those casinos are worth tracking down!

Comp Point Bonuses – One final type of bonus which you will have on offer at all Playtech casinos are those which see you simply redeeming your accumulated comp points for playing credits.

As soon as you have chosen to redeem your comp points for bonus credits you will then be required to play through those credits a number of times before they are turned into real money funds. The amount of play through required will be determined by the casino you are playing at.


Nothing Beats SMS For Swift & Easy Deposits

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online-casino-bet-bonusMobile casino gaming is without doubt the fastest growing section of the gaming industry, with it now being a standard ‘par for the course’ that any operator worth their salt now offers a fantastic handheld experience. This style of gaming is no longer the poor relative of a central website or a swiftly hashed together afterthought, in fact it’s now central to the business plans of many online casinos and looks set to overtake traditional PC based gaming in the very near future.

This is all good news in regards to offering customers a convenient means of playing their favourite games when out and about, but it does leave the slightly problematic question of how to easily make deposits to an account. Even with the latest generation of large screen smartphones the fact remains that transferring funds from a bank account to a gaming account can be fiddle-some, especially when needing to type in long security, account and card numbers. Likewise the option of storing these details on a mobile device isn’t ideal either in case the device is lost or stolen. 

Using SMS to make account deposits offers a fantastic solution to this issue, as it offers not just convenience and security for the customer but also doesn’t necessitate directly moving money between bank and gaming accounts – something that quite simply tends to put off many players from using mobile as their main gaming portal. 

The Advantages Of SMS Deposits 

As mentioned above the absolute key advantage of using SMS as a means of making a deposit is that it bypasses the need for any kind of online banking or money transfers/payments. Not only is this a more secure means of making a deposit, it’s also far more convenient and goes hand-in-hand with the entire pretext of what mobile gaming ought to be about. The casino operators understand this better than anyone, that their customers wish to enjoy their gaming with absolute convenience wherever they are. 

The beauty of SMS deposits is that the payment/deposit to the casino account is paid for via the customer’s phone tariff. Any deposit made will simply be added to their monthly bill, or for pay as you go customers it will be deducted from their remaining account balance. This is the case for all networks and the balance will be updated within seconds of the request being made and authorised. To add even more convenience, using SMS doesn’t require for any bank accounts to be set up and configured to be authorised to make deposits to the gaming account – it’s absolutely ideal for anyone who just wants to pick up and play. 

In a nutshell, using SMS to make an deposit at a mobile casino is the final piece of the jigsaw in making mobile casino gaming a truly all in one experience. Remember also that SMS is essentially a unique advantage that mobiles have over PC based gaming, and with the ever growing adoption of this method of deposit it’s only going to serve to encourage the boom in uptake of mobile gaming


Best Optional Payline Slots

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No one likes being told just which slot games they should play and where they should play them, and that is one of the main attractions of online casino and bingo bonuses, you will have lots of different slot games you can play whenever you want to play them.

However, we do know that may slot players have a very tight and strict slot playing bankroll and as such you should make sure that you find a range of slot games to play that are going to be suitable to you bankroll and your own personal playing style.

With that in mind you are going to be better off playing optional pay line slots as opposed to fixed payline slots for the latter named slots give you now control over the number of lines you can activate and as such they do tend to be some of the more expensive slot games you can play online.

If you want to play the best optional pay line slots, then be on the lookout for those on which there are more than one bonus game on offer. By playing those slots then you will have lots of additional winning chances not only on the base game but when those bonus games eventually triggered and as awarded to you.

One thing to keep in mind with optional pay line slots is that you can also configure the stake and coin values too, so they can and are very affordable slots games which will suit all players bankroll. And gaming budgets, so be on the lookout for those types of slot games!

One thing to always keep in mind when playing slots with optional pay lines is that if there is a bonus game which is triggered via bonus symbols which have to line up on an activated pay line then you should always play as many of the lines available on that slot as you can do.

Failing to activate all of the pay lines will dramatically reduce the number of chances you have per base game spin of trigger the bonus game attached to that slot, so always keep that in mind when playing bonus game awarding video slots!

Whilst you are always going to have plenty of choice in regards to which slot games you can play online which come with optional pay lines, we think you should take a look at the Tiki Island slot.

The best aspect about playing that slot game is that in addition to its optional pay lines and bonus games is has been set with a payout percentage of a very high 96.29%, which makes it something of a must play slot.

There are a number of slot game designers who have brought out lots of different styled optional pay line slot games over the years, so one thing you will have access to is a large number of them no matter where you choose to play.

However, we would like you to consider playing some of the optional pay line slots which have been designed and launched by a company called Gamesys as their range of slots will always be fun to play and will give you plenty of choice in regards to just which slots you can access and play when playing at a site offering their range of games.


Double Bubble Slot

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casino share

Double Bubble Shifting Riches slot is an absolute delight to play, not just because of its high quality graphics, but also because it gives a player many chances of winning big. This slot game from the house of Net Entertainment is a five reel and 20 pay line slot, with the famous protagonist Robin Hood has its theme.

The fabulous archer, who saved the poor from the rich’s torture, is also going to act as your saviour in this slot game, which boasts of a good return for the players. The unique feature of this game is that of the shifting reels, hence the name Shifting Riches.

Whenever you strike a winning combination, the right reel disappears and a new reel appears on the left side of the screen. The original four reels are frozen and only the new reel spins. When it stops, if there is a new winning combination, then that gets added to your earnings from that particular bet. This shifting of reels continues till the time winning combinations are created. If not, then the game returns to the original bet-spin play.

Characters of this epic legend also star in this game, Robin Hood being one of them. When a winning combination with Robin Hood symbol is achieved, he comes out of his reel box to shoot an arrow. That’s quite a delight to watch!

The Bet Value of Double Bubble: Shifting Riches Slot

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches slot allows a player to bet in Pounds, US Dollars Canadian Dollars or Euro. The lowest value of the coin in any currency which you can bet is 0.01, while the highest is 0.50.

You can bet a maximum of 10 coins on a particular pay line. If you want to go all out, then place the maximum possible bet of 100 per spin.

Payouts are given in credits, so, your total earnings is calculated by the number of credits earned by you multiplied by coin value and number of coins bet. Maximum payout in Robin Hood: Shifting Riches slot is limited to 1,000 credits for a particular pay line.

Robin Hood Logo-The Wild Symbol

Robin Hood Logo is the wild symbol that acts as a substitute for other symbols to form winning combos.


Elements Slot Game

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elements gameElements: The Awakening is another classical multi-coin slot game. With 20 fixed line and five reels, there are multiple pay lines for you to win on – every coin you insert opens up another pay line and another chance for you to win. The jackpot for this game is 1,500 coins, while the second pay-out hits the halfway mark at 750 coins. Elements lives up to its name with its ‘Wild Feature’ named after each element accordingly (water, fire, air and earth) and each one builds up an energy bar to unlock a Free Fall bonus. This gives the game a different feel and has helped boost its huge success in the slot game market.

How to Play:

Bringing action to life, Elements is a fun, easy to follow game with many favoured mechanics and features to keep the game interesting and ensure that you are able to maintain maximum amounts of enjoyment through playing. The game counts your reels from left to right to work out your winning combinations, and gives you freedom to place a range of wagers, going from 0.1 all the way through to 10.00 per line, keeping you entirely in control of your spend.

The maximum you can bet on any one spin is 100.00. Unlike most reel games, the symbols do not spin on to the screen. Instead, thanks to the avalanche feature, the symbols will tumble down and fall in to the correct positioning – this feature is activated once you have a winning bet line. Once you have a winning combination whilst in avalanche mode, the symbols will explode, and make room for more symbols to fall, upping your chances of winning even more.

Whilst the avalanche feature is activated, there is the chance to activate a new bonus feature called Free Falls Storm, which will begin once you are unable to gain more wins and the avalanche feature is over. This feature has four modes which are activated via different elements. Instead of a spin button, there is a bar that is separated in to four separate meters where you can keep tabs on which game is likely to start for you.

Bonus Features

Free Fall Bonus

The Free Fall bonus round continue to play at the same bet level as the previous spin that activated the round. Within this bonus, there are four separate modes, each named after an element (Fire Storm, Earth Storm, Air Storm and Water Storm). Each type of round has its own Wild symbol that can increase the chances of winning on a bet line. Each type of round gives the player an additional ten ‘Free Falls’ and these add up to total wins from the past round.

The Symbols

Wild Symbols

In Elements, the Wild Symbol appears on the following reels: two, three, four and five. The Wild Symbol substitutes all regular symbols and can help to complete winning combinations, and it also continues to count while in Free Form bonuses. It will count towards the highest possible win depending on what other symbols you already have on your bet line.

Fire Storm

The Fire Storm symbol is one that shows up only doing the Free Fall Bonus for fire. It will only appear on the following reels: two, three and four but it can be expanded across the remaining two reels at the same time to increase the likelihood of winning.

Air Storm

If the Air Storm bonus is activated, then this symbol will land randomly during the first free fall spin and stay there for the entire bonus round. During the round, the symbol will move itself around at random to other adjacent positions – before they do this, they will spin in order to show the player where the symbol intends to move to and in which direction.

Earth Storm

The Earth Storm symbol only has the ability to show up on the following reels: two, three and four during the bonus game. Once the symbols have landed, they will remain there until the following conditions are met: they are included in a winning bet line, there have been three avalanches or there are no more plausible winning combinations available.

Water Storm

Similar to its other companions, the Water Storm symbol can only land on the following reels: two, three and four. Once this has landed, it will expand itself across the other reels and change any other symbols already on that reel in to ‘Wild’ symbols, changing their value.

To Win

In order to receive a pay-out from this game, the reels need to have a winning combination. This is achievable in many patters. The minimum matching symbols has to be three, moving up to five matching symbols, and the pay-out depends on how many symbols and winning combinations you manage to match. The pay-out also depends on the settings you chose for the coin size, as this is multiplied by the number of coins that you won to work out the maximum number of credits that you can receive. The twenty fixed bet lines gives you more changes to win and gives you the ability to try and maximise your return revenue of credits.


Fishy Fortune Slot Game

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fish fortune slotExplore the depths of an underwater world filled with hidden treasure in this game as you spin to match the winning combinations. The game includes five reels and ten bet lines that you can play on, helping your chances of getting that win. Run in to symbols that represent those that you would find lurking down in the deep waters and hope they come in multiples across the correct pay lines! Another great adventure to partake in while being in the safety of your own chair.

How to Play:

With a wager that’s fixed at 0.10 for each bet line, you can place your bets on between one and ten lines and control how much you play for easily by using the options at the side of the screen, or by going in to the main settings and ensuring everything is configured to your liking. The game also gives you access to a progressive jackpot, meaning that there is no cap to your potential earnings from this game! The highest pay-out that you can receive purely by striking a winning combination is 10,000 coins. You are only able to receive a pay-out for the bet lines that you have enabled.

In order to take advantage of the progressive jackpot and have your winnings accumulate as you play, you must have a wager of ten coins for every spin you take, which means activating all bet lines, as well as having ‘Max Bet’ selected before your spin. Once these are met, you then must obtain five ‘Oyster Scatter’ symbols across the bet lines. They do not have to be in order, and can be placed randomly across any of the bet lines and reels. You can watch as the jackpot figure climbs higher and higher with a handy counter at the top of your screen.

To give you an even better chance of being in control of your winnings, Fishy Fortune also includes a ‘Skill Stop’ feature. With a press of the spin button, you are able to tell the computer to stop the reels when you pick, giving you that extra boost to try and gain those winning combinations. While this doesn’t guarantee a win, it definitely adds an extra bonus and more anticipation when you try and catch the symbols that you want and need for your spin!

Free Spins

In Fishy Fortune, you have the ability to win and gain unlimited free spins. You can activate the Free Spins round by having three or more Oyster Scatter Symbols appear in a spin. They can be in any order, as long as they appear in the same spin cycle. Whilst you are in the Free Spin round, if you get another three or more Oysters, additional free spins are added up. Once you have used all of these, you are then returned to the normal game to continue with your wagers and all wins that you accumulated within in the Free Spin round will be added to your total win.

The Symbols

Wild Symbols

In Fishy Fortune, the Wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols and counts towards a winning combination. It also multiplies the pay-out of the winning bet line. The only exception to this is if the bet line is made up of only Wild Symbols, there must be others present on the reels in order for this to count as a substitute and a win. Sticking to the nature of the game, this shows up as a treasure chest, letting you know that you may very well be in the line-up for something good! In the case of multiple potential pay-outs, only the highest pay-out will count and be classed as a won bet line.

Scatter Symbols

With Scatter Symbols in Fishy Fortune, they can help get you that winning combination by appearing in any order on the reels and there needs to be two or more in a single spin in order for them to count, but they do not need to be in any specific order or on any specific reels. As with the other symbols, this definitely has an underwater feel, appearing on your reels as an oyster symbol. They can show up at any point and be placed anywhere within the bet lines that you’re playing. If three or more appear, you will receive free bonus spins and begin playing the free spins bonus round. The more oysters that appear,

As well as round specific symbols and the special symbols mentioned above, there are others in the game that make up your winning bet lines that are reminiscent of those creatures you might see beneath the sea.

To Win

In order to win a pay-out on Fishy Fortune, you need to match two or more symbols in an approved bet line. Only symbols that appear within an already-activated bet line are approved for pay-out. There is a chance to win a large pay-out on Fishy Fortune thanks to the accumulative jackpot option, as well as very fair pay-outs on matching symbols. The value that you receive upon a pay-out entirely depends on the value of the coins you wagered.

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